What is a “pickup” model?

At TOKYO VEG LIFE faux-mage, we are 100% committed to making sustainability our top priority. As such, we are currently pursuing a delivery style called a “pickup” model.

To purchase a faux-mage, please place an order from this site and pick up the product during the specified pickup period at the pickup location. When you pick up the product, please purchase something at the pickup location.

By choosing to pick up the product (instead of having it sent directly to you), there is added inconvenience, but you can be assured that you have contributed to a sustainable form of shopping. In addition, you can use what you would normally pay just for shipping to eat/buy/receive service at the pickup location.

Through the “pickup” model, TOKYO VEG LIFE faux-mage, as a seller, can minimize energy consumed on transport and packaging, and pickup location partners can acquire new customers without incurring an added cost. It is truly a model to create value for all three parties involved, the customer, seller and distributor with the pursuit of sustainability at the center of the circle.

Pickup Locations
(We’ll keep adding as we go.)

TOKYO JUICE Omotesando
3-1-24 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Hours: 8:30-17:30 on weekdays and 10:00-17:30 on weekends & holidays

TOKYO VEG LIFE faux-mageのご注文方法





【ピックアップ】モデルにより、売り主(TOKYO VEG LIFE faux-mage)は、輸送や商品のパッケージングを最低限にすることができ、ピックアップロケーションとなる店舗は、追加コストなく、集客を行うことができるため、環境負荷を最低限にするという目的を中心に、お客様、売り主、店舗の全てにメリットが生まれるモデルとなっています。


営業時間:平日 8:30-17:30 / 週末/休日 10:00-17:30