Love Melt 【表参道 PICKUP 6/26-6/28】



Order for pickup at TOKYO JUICE Omotesando between June 26 and 28. At pickup, please purchase at least 1 juice/smoothie of your choice at TOKYO JUICE.

*Please bring your own cool bag as the product will be frozen at the time of pickup.

What is a “pickup” model?

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Flavor: Creamy and rich with a hint of sharpness
Texture: Melty
Pair with: Bold white wine and sparkling wine
Great as: Grilled sandwich

Ingredients: organic cashew nuts (Vietnam), organic tapioca starch (Thailand), sweet potato starch (Kagoshima, Japan), rapeseed oil (Aomori or Hokkaido, Japan), agar (Nagano, Japan), natural sea salt, lactic acid bacteria
Size: 7x7x3cm