Easy to make spinach ravioli recipe using Creamy Heaven.


Ingredients (2 servings)
*Half a bunch spinach
*1 tsp olive oil
*1 tsp minced garlic
*1 pcs Creamy Heaven
*A pinch of salt & black pepper
*About 10 gyoza wrappers
*Tomato sauce

How to make
1.Steam spinach for 2-3 minutes and plunge it in cold water. Squeeze out as much water as you can, plunge it in cold water and squeeze any remaining moisture out.
2.Heat olive oil in a pan. Add garlic, spinach and salt & peppr, and mix well.
3.Combine Creamy Heaven and sauteed spinach. Mix well. Take a teaspoon full of the mixture and wrap it in a gyoza wrapper. Fold in half and seal to make ravioli.
4.Cook ravioli in boiling water for 1-2 minutes until the gyoza skin turns transparent.
5.Warm tomato sauce of your choice and stir in cooked ravioli. Serve while it’s hot.

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